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Important info about the t-shirt


Tear strength:

Tensile strength:

Puncture resistance:

The tear-resistant t-shirt is made from a polyamide fabric that regulates moisture and has a soft touch to the skin. And last but not least, the fabric is incredibly strong.

Choose the color that suits your organization. You can choose between a tear-resistant t-shirt in blue or white.

Width: 178N

After 5 washes: 202N

Width: 1300N
Length: 2200N


Without a double neckline facing for extra comfort

Many tear resistant t-shirts have a double neckline facing. This is heavy and uncomfortable for the wearer. This kind of neckline facing is often used because, in many cases, the tear strength of the fabric used is relatively low. Therefore, heavy stitching techniques are required to make a tear-resistant t-shirt.

Thanks to the high tear strength of the Tricot Extreme Line, this kind of double neckline facing becomes a thing of the past. So you create much more comfort for the client.

Tear-resistant T-shirt in blue or white

Choose the color that suits your organization. You can choose between a tear-resistant t-shirt in blue or white.

Visibility of blood
On white tear-resistant t-shirts, it’s easier to spot blood on the camera surveillance when an individual patient or inmate is on suicide watch.

Dutch design

The tear resistant t-shirts are designed by Tetcon. In The Netherlands.

Fire retardancy test

The fabric passed a fire retardancy test according to DIN EN ISO 12952-1 Section 5.

Absorbs sweat

The fabric has hydrophilic capabilities allowing it to absorb sweat and other body fluids.

A complete line


Tetcon can help you with a complete range of suicide prevention equipment including: mattresses, t-shirts, shorts, blankets and pillows.


Provide safety to patients and inmates when they are on suicide watch in your facility.

Who's using the t-shirt?

The tear resistant t-shirts are used by facilities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Psychiatric facilities

Mental health

Detention & correction facilities

Seclusion Rooms


  • Article number

    Blue: 3010NAVY00
    White: 3010WHIT00

  • GTIN

    8720726730327 (white)

  • Material:

    100% polyamide

  • Size:

    One size

  • Cleaning

    washing instructions

  • Color:

    You can choose between a tear-resistant t-shirt in blue or white.

  • Disclaimer:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s a tear-resistant t-shirt?

    A tear-resistant t-shirt is a garment made of a tear-resistant fabric. This is used in psychiatric facilities, detention facilities, separation cells, and behavioral health facilities. A tear-resistant t-shirt prevents individual patients or inmates from ending up in unsafe situations when they show tearing or aggressive behavior. Or when they are on suicide watch. Thanks to the tear-resistant fabric, the client is prevented from tearing the clothing, which can then be used to make a hanging mechanism or weapon.

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