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Funeral equipment

Do you work in the funeral industry?

These textile solutions are designed to simplify or improve your work.

Here you can find coffin covers, Bodypod transfer mattresses, transfer equipment and mortuary cot covers.

Coffin covers

If you move or transport the coffin, you want to ensure it is protected in the best way possible. It’s also important that you create a peaceful appearance for the family as they enter the home. Tetcon’s coffin covers are going to help you do just that. They are made from exclusive design fabrics that provide a professional and peaceful look. And they come without the hefty price tag.

Mortuary Cot Covers

You can also order mortuary cot covers from Tetcon. This allows you to cover the remains of the deceased on the stretcher discretely. And that’s not all. The stretcher covers are equipped with LiquidBlocker as standard. You will find this on the inside of the cover. LiquidBlocker prevents liquids from penetrating the fabric. It also allows you to clean the inside of the stretcher cover very quickly. That is very hygienic. Discover the options.

Bodypod Transfer Mattress

The Bodypod is an aid to simplify the transfer of the deceased. It is a perfect transfer alternative when it is difficult to use the stretcher. For example, in narrow corridors, on spiral staircases, or in narrow spaces. It also prevents excessive lifting, reducing your chances of injury during the transfer. On top of that, you avoid damage to stairs and walls. Learn more about the Bodypod.

Transfer equipment

Transfer aids can help you to work ergonomically when moving or transferring the deceased. This could be to transfer a person from bed to stretcher or when you need to bring a deceased down the stairs. Tetcon can help you with slide sheets and roll boards to simplify your job.