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In textiles since 1863

A patent of an evacuation tool in hand and an unprecedented drive to leave no one behind in the event of an emergency. Combine that with a desire to brush off the “dusty nature” of the textile industry and here we are….

Tetcon is born.

In April 2015. At the dinner table.

Founded by entrepreneurial Hezemans family with textile roots going back six generations.

Passion for the unknown

We’re constantly looking for novelties. Seeing, learning and trying new things. We love that and do it every day.

Why? So that we can help you with textile aids that put your safety and well-being first. So you can come home happy and safe after a day’s work. And that all happens through the power of technical textiles.

From fiber to end product

With millions of fibre threads in the final product, the choice of materials is essential. At the heart of every textile concept is the search for not only the right, but superior materials.

Design & Development

The designs are created in-house by our team. The development train never stands still. We are constantly looking to create new equipment that can make a difference for you.


Before you can start using your equipment, we go through an entire production process.

Weaving, knitting, printing, stitching, finishing & much more.

Learn more about how we produce your equipment here

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The segments where you can find us

Our equipment can be found and are used in many different segments.

Whether it’s a transfer solution for the funeral industry, an evacuation mattress for a local museum or a slide sheet for an Intensive Care Unit, we try to help as many people as possible through the power of smart textile solutions.

Ideas how we can help your industry or organisation move forward with a textile solution? Get in touch with us.

Discover the equipment:

Join our Reseller Program

In order to make our range of products available to as many people as possible, Tetcon created a Reseller Program which will help you to grow your business. A shared vision is the source of powerful partnerships.


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