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All textile solutions

Tetcon can help you with all kinds of textile solutions:

– Tear Resistant textiles
– BitePRO® bite resistant clothing
– Evacuation equipment
– Transfer aids
– Funeral textiles
– Hospitality textiel
– And many more

Down below you can find a complete overview of Tetcon products.

Tear Resistant Blanket Tricot Extreme Line

Bodypod First Call Mattress

UltraSlider Sliding Fitted Sheet

Safety Restraint Sheet Prevent fecal smearing

S-CAPEPOD Standard Evacuation sheet for bedridden people

Body Slider Slide Sheet

Seclusion Mattress
Sealed seams, no zips or cords

Obesity Simulation Suit Tetcon

Bariatric S-CAPEPOD Obesity evacuation sheet

Tear-Resistant Blanket Economy Line

Mortuary Cot Cover for funeral services

Storage cabinet for evacuation mats

Feet Board for Bodypod & S-CAPEPLUS Premium

Tear Resistant Pillow Economy Line

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation sheet Budget Model

Wall Cover Storage cover for Evacuation Mats

S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mattress Inflatable Model

Evacuation Mattress S-CAPEKIDS Baby Model

S-CAPEPLUS® Evacuation Mattress Youth Model - For Children

Evacuation stickers for evacuation sheets

Head Support System for Bodypod & S-CAPEPLUS Premium

Panorama Picto Sign for Evacuation Mattress

VIC Transfer System Patient Restraint

Anti suicide gown Economy Line

Anti suicide pillow Tricot Extreme

Anti-tear Bermuda shorts Tricot Extreme Line

Anti-tear t-shirt Tricot Extreme Line

Arm guard V1 + additional protection BitePRO®

Bite Resistant Sweatshirt BitePRO®

Arm Guards Version 5 BitePRO®

Arm Guards V4 BitePRO®

Arm Guards Version 4 + Added Protection BitePRO®

Chest protector Against punch trauma

Bite-Resistant Gloves BitePRO®

Bite resistant Hoodie BitePRO®

Bite-resistant trousers BitePRO®


Bite Resistant Jacket BitePRO®

Body Board Roller board to move patients

Bite-proof sleeves V3 BitePRO®

Suicide Prevention Equipment 

Tetcon can help you with a complete range of suicide prevention equipment, also known as tear-resistant textiles: pillows, blankets, matressess, gowns, t-shirts, pants and many more. Every piece of equipment is designed to prevent suicides and self-harm. Discover all possibilities and check out what suits the needs of your organisation.

Evacuation Equipment to leave no one behind

Are you looking for evacuation equipment to reduce the chance of leaving someone behind in an emergency event?
Tetcon designs, develops and markets a wide range of evacuation mats, evacuation sheets and rescue sheets.

BitePRO® bite resistant clothing

Tetcon is the distributor for BitePRO® bite resistant clothing in The Netherlands & Belgium.

Transfer Aids

By using Tetcon’s transfer aids, you can ensure that your workplace is ergonomically well designed en you can prevent unnecessary lifting.
In the transfer aids assortment you can find slide sheets, fitted slide sheets, Bodypod Transfer Mats and vacuum mats.

Hospitality Textiles

Tetcon has been a textile agent for Gastaldi from Italy for many years. This allows your laundry, hotel or restaurant to order bedding or table linen directly from the source.
Why? Because we want your guests to enjoy the luxury of Italian linen.

And many more textile solutions by Tetcon

Are you looking for advanced textile solutions that focus on your well-being and safety?
Check out all the possibilities and contact our team with any questions.

Tetcon – your partner for smart textile solutions

Tetcon is a textile company from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We can help you with a wide range of products with technical textiles at the base.
From rescue mats to mortuary cot covers. From seclusion mattresses to evacuation sheets.
Every piece of equipment is designed to help you and your colleagues move forward.