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Evacuation aids

Are you looking for an evacuation device?
Great, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you can find a whole range of evacuation aids that will help you to leave no one behind in an emergency.

Every single piece of equipment is designed with speed, simplicity and comfort in mind.

Discover the various options here and see which evacuation device suits your situation.

Leave No One Behind

We go above and beyond to leave no one behind in an emergency event.

The mission is to bring safety and security enthusiasts together; to inspire, strengthen and promote that vulnerable people are not left behind during emergency events.

That philosophy resulted into a complete range of evacuation aids which are now available for your organisation.

Evacuation mats

Evacuation mats are used to evacuate people with reduced mobility during an emergency situation. Someone that cannot escape on its own can be brought to safety extremely quick. You can use the evacuation mats for horizontal and vertical evacuation procedures (down a staircase). Descending the stairs is easy and safe. A comfortable and thick foam mattress protects the person on the mattress. You can operate the device with one or two people. This will depend on how well you are trained.

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheets

An evacuation sheet is positioned permanently underneath the bed mattress of a patient. The patient doesn’t see it, nor feels it. By means of flaps or straps, you can fixate the patient to his/her own mattress. There are pulling straps at the head and feet end. These are used to move the mattress from the bedframe to the floor. Afterwards you can find your way to a safe zone.

This type of evacuation sheets are primarily being used in healthcare facilities (hospitals, senior care, mental health facilities and psychiatric wards).

Transfer sheets / Rescue Sheets

With the use of rescue sheets, you will simplify your work of transferring patients or wounded individuals. On every rescue sheets, you can find multiple handles, which means you can easily use the equipment with multiple colleagues or first responders. This allows you to spread the weight of the patient. The rescue sheets are also used to transfer patients on and off stretchers. The sizes, the number of handles and the weight capacity of the rescue sheets comply with the EN1865 guideline. Each rescue sheet also comes standard with a foot sack that ensures extra stability during the transfer. These products are also known as a flexible rescue litter.

Accessories for evacuation equipment

You can order your evacuation mat and rescue sheet with all sorts of accessories. You can choose to mount your evac mat to the wall by using a green storage cover (Wall Cover). Are you working inside a building with high aesthetic requirements? Place the evacuation aid inside Tetcon’s storage cabinet. When you are staying in a historic building and are not allowed to mount anything to the wall, you can opt for this special stand to make sure your evacuation mat is not standing on the floor. And there’s so much more. Discover the different kind of accessories.