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BitePRO® clothing

BitePRO® is the world’s first specialised brand of protective clothing, offering dependable scratch, pinch, and bite protection.

The clothing designed to protect you from the consequences of complex and aggressive behaviour. This will not only prevent infections, wounds and trauma, but also mental stress.

The range consists of:
– Vests & hoodies
– Arm protectors & gloves
– Trousers

Due to the many options, you always choose a piece of protection that suits your specific situation.

The complete line features certified cut resistance and has extremely high puncture resistance (for human teeth).

Why would you need protection against biting, scratching and pinching?

Bite, scratch or pinch injuries can have serious consequences for yourself and your colleagues. It has been shown that a bite can transmit several infections:
– Hepatitis B & C
– HSV Syphilis
– Tuberculosis
– Actinomycosis
– Tetanus

And it’s not just about possible infections. The consequences of a bite wound can cause anxiety and stress which negatively affects your daily care tasks.

Who uses BitePRO®?

BitePRO® is used in places where there are individuals who display complex or aggressive behaviour. This can be in disability care, special education, psychiatric wards, elderly care and in detention. Besides being used to protect yourself, BitePRO® is also used as self-protection. This can be, for example, when a client unconsciously hurts himself by biting or scratching.

Ultimate protection with Cut Tex Pro

To make sure you are optimally protected by the BitePRO® clothing, Cut Tex Pro is used: This is a world-renowned cut, tear, and abrasion-resistant fabric. Cut Tex Pro is an innovative combination of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene (UHMWPE) and other technical fibres. This is put together by special knitting machines that ensure a high density of yarn. This gives the fabric the ideal basis for its application: protecting you.