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Suicide Prevention

Designed to reduce suicides and self-harm in detention, prisons, mental health facilities, psychiatric wards, rehab care and suicide prevention centres. Tetcon can help you with a complete range of suicide prevention equipment:

  • Tear-resistant pillows
  • Anti-suicide blankets & sheets
  • Seclusion mattresses
  • Tear-resistant clothing

We can offer you two different lines:

  • Economy Line
  • Tricot Extreme Line

Why would you use suicide prevention equipment?

Suicide prevention equipment allows you to provide a safe environment for patients and inmates who are suicidal or aggressive. If you have to deal with complex or aggressive behaviour, this can give you a lot of emotional stress. If patient behaviour threatens the physical safety of the patient, staff or others, there will be times when that patient requires seclusion. You can invest in tear-resistant clothing & bedding to reduce aggressive behaviour and improve the overall well-being of patients.

Anti-suicide Blankets & Sheets

The Suicide Prevention Blanket is designed to provide comfort and security to those struggling with thoughts of suicide. It is generally made of a soft fabric and is designed to be a comforting hug in times of distress. The special design features a unique pattern and a gentle texture that provides a sense of security and a reminder of hope. The blanket can be used in a variety of settings, from police cells to a psychiatric seclusion ward, and its comforting qualities can help ease the pain of depression and suicidal thoughts.

These tear-resistant blankets and sheets are used in police cells, solitary confinement or seclusion rooms (reset rooms). With the Tricot Extreme Line, the blankets also have a weighted effect which can calm you down. The tear-resistant blanket can also be used as a restraint tool. You could then combine this with ankle and knee straps and also with the rescue sheet. The blankets and sheets are inherently fire retardant.

Tear-resistant pillows

Convenient tear-resistant pillows with strong and fire-resistant properties. Provides extra protection when secluded.

Anti ligature gowns & t-shirts

The Suicide Prevention Gown & t-shirts are designed to protect those at risk of selfharm. Crafted from tearresistant fabrics, the gowns and t-shirts are designed to provide a barrier between the person and any potential harm. The fabric is strong but also flexible to ensure comfort and mobility, while also providing protection against potential damage. The anti suicide gown & t-shirt is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a way to protect themselves and those around them.

Tear Resistant bermudas, shirts & gowns are now available for your organisation. The suicide prevention clothing is available in one size. The shirts and vests are available with short sleeves, which is standard.

Seclusion Mattresses

To make the seclusion room as safe as possible, you can also use a seclusion mattress. The RoccoShield Seclusion Mattress is the perfect solution for those at risk of selfharm, or those with a history of aggressive behaviour. This mattress is designed with their safety and comfort in mind. Available in two models, the standard mattress is sized to fit a regular bed or can be placed on the ground, while the 40 cm high version can also be used as a seating surface. The mattress is made from a durable and easytoclean material. Both models are crafted with welded seams to ensure superior strength and to keep the seams from being visible. The Seclusion Mattress is the perfect tool for providing a safe and comfortable environment for those at risk or in need of seclusion care.

Restraint solutions

Tetcon can also offer you a range of restraint solutions, such as:

  • Ankle restraint straps
  • Knee restraint straps
  • Complete transfer systems
  • And more