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Transfer equipment

Tetcon’s Transfer Equipment can enlighten and simplify your day-to-day job. They also help protect your muscles and tendons during daily activities. Whether you are dealing with transferring deceased or lifting patients, Tetcon can help you with slide solutions, a transfer mat for funeral directors, a vacuum mattress, and so much more.

Transfer Equipment

Transfer aids can help you to work ergonomically when moving people. This could be to turn someone on a bed, transfer a person from bed to stretcher or when you need to bring a deceased down the stairs. So there are countless scenarios imaginable where transfer aids can come in handy.

Discover which option suits your organisation.

Slide Sheets

A slide sheet is a type of transfer equipment designed to help caregivers safely and efficiently move an individual between surfaces.. Slide sheets are often used in healthcare settings as an alternative to mechanical lifts for repositioning individuals in bed, transferring to and from a wheelchair, or performing a transfer from the floor. They can also be used for repositioning during physical therapy or other activities. Slide sheets are lightweight and easy to use, and are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different needs. Discover the Body Slider and UltraSlider designed by Tetcon.