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By partnering with the world’s best textile factories, we can help you with textile solutions that put precision, quality and durability first.

The products you can rely on are not simply made in a country by a third party. Quite the contrary, in fact. Your products are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Our partnerships with producers are based on equal values: high quality at fair prices.

Europe: the centre of production

Europe is the heart of Tetcon’s production process. This happens at high-tech textile factories in the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. This is where the foundation of your product is laid. In a rare exception, we acquire the expertise of textile factories in the Far East or Turkey. And this happens only if important quality and sustainability certificates are available.

Four production steps

Producing your specific product happens in four important steps:

  1. Selecting the right yarns
  2. Weaving, knitting and finishing of fabrics
  3. Confection
  4. Assembly

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1. Yarns

The foundation of any fabric: yarns. With millions of fibers and threads in your final product, material selection is essential. The choice of material starts with the right yarns. At the base of every textile concept is a search of not just the right, but superior materials.

2. Weaving, knitting, coating and finishing

Weaving and knitting is a fine piece of textile wizardry. The technique combined with the right yarns ultimately determines tensile and tear strength. It also greatly affects important features, such as smoothness or slide capabilities.

Finishing or coating the fabrics is done by special laminations, dyeing techniques or applying a specific feature to the fabric.

3. Cutting, stitching and printing

Whether stitching, stepping, hemming or printing, this is the production hub where Tetcon fabrics are transformed into semi-finished or finished products. Your equipment is manufactured in and just outside Europe: Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Tunisia.

4. Assembly

After the confection process, semi-finished products or complete products return to our warehouse in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

After an extensive quality check, your products are assembled into a final product. Assembly is partly done in cooperation with a sheltered workshop where many people with Korsakov syndrome work.

From Eindhoven, Tetcon’s devices are shipped to your desired address. And that currently happens to almost 50 countries.

An eye for detail

In a strive towards perfection, Tetcon can help you with all kinds of textile solutions that comply with international standards and regulations:

✅ Quality Management System
EN ISO 13458:2016

✅ Medical Device Regulation
Regulation (EU) 2017/745

✅ Product surveillance
Post-Market Surveillance System

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