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Tricot Extreme Line

Tear Resistant Blanket

Pros and cons:
- The fabric is extremely soft.
- It also a weighted function.
- The blanket is washing machine safe.
- The tear resistance is extremely high.
- The fabric absorbs sweat and is anti-bacterial
- The maximum width is 135 cm.

Important info about the blanket:


Fire retardancy

Tensile strength

Tear strength:

Puncture resistance:

The tear-resistant blanket is designed to find a balance between comfort and safety for psychiatric patients and inmates. The soft material could stimulate the reduction of stress. The weight of the blanket also creates a weighted effect.

The blankets are quilted with strong and powerful yarns to make the product as safe as possible. With its unrivalled tear strength, the ‘molest resistance’ is extremely high. And that is not all. The Tricot Extreme blanket actually gets stronger the more you use it. In fact, its tear strength increases after 5 washes.

The blanket, also known as a suicide prevention blanket, offers warmth and comfort without you having to compromise on safety. While we have combined a heavy fabric and proper stepping techniques, you reduce the chances of inmates or patients being able to use the blanket as a weapon or hanging mechanism.


Yes, the fibre used in this blanket is inherently fire retardant (successfully tested according to DIN EN ISO 12952-1:2010). The test report is available upon request.

Warp: 1300N
Weft: 2200N

In the length: 175N
In the width: 178N

After 5 washes: 202N

> 350 N

The softness promotes de-escalation

Comfort is an important element to avoid dangerous situations. Many tear resistant blankets feel stiff, rough and uncomfortable. They also often do not absorb body fluids and sweat. This could stimulate escalation. Especially if patients or inmates show signs of aggressive or complex behaviour. All these stimuli can aggravate the situation.

As a result, the softness of this anti-tear blanket is a unique feature. This allows you to implement a preventive approach to promote de-escalation.

Suicide Prevention Blanket in white

The tear resistant blankets of the Tricot Extreme Line are available in navy-blue and in white. This allows you to always choose a colour that suits the needs of your facility.

Visibility of blood on camera surveillance

Camera surveillance in seclusion rooms is essential in case a patient or inmate shows signs of suicidal behaviour.

The white colour ensures that blood is immediately visible.

Fire Retardant

The fire-retardant function is permanently in the fibre. This important feature won't fade after washing.

Weighted effect (3,3 KG)

This tear resistant blanket weighs 3.3 kg. Besides its tear-resistant properties, this blanket also has a weighted effect. This can reduce stress.


The hydrophilic and anti-bacterial features ensures that the fabric absorbs sweat increasing the comfort for the user.

Focus on safety. For patients and staff.


The weighted effect of the blanket can create additional peace of mind for the patient or detained individual.


The high tear strength inherent to the fabric, combined with proper stepping techniques, will help to prevent detained individuals from harming themselves and others.

Who's using this tear-resistant blanket?

Suicide Prevention blankets are used for patients who are on suicide watch. It is a tool to prevent detained individuals from harming themselves and others.

Seclusion Rooms

Prisons & Detention

Psychiatric facilities

Behavioural health


  • Article number:

    Blue: 3013NAVY00
    White: 3013WHIT00

  • GTIN

    8720726730402 (White)

    8720726730396 (Navy)

  • Size:

    White: 130×210 cm
    Blue: 140×210 cm

  • Weight

    3,3 kg

  • Sustainability

    Produced according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (Product Class II)

  • Washing instructions:

    washing instructions

  • Colour:

    The tear-resistant blankets of the Tricot Extreme Line are available in white and blue.

  • Disclaimer

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