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Anti suicide gown

The anti-tear shirt covers a client or detainee's entire upper body and upper arms.

Important info about this anti-tear gown:

Pros and cons:


Fire retardant:

Tensile strength:

Tear strength:

– Suitable fit for a large proportion of inmates or clients.

– Has a permanent fire-retardant effect.

– Has an attractive price tag

– Finished with iron-on yarn around the neck, sleeves, and belly.

– Provides little warmth in the colder months, so ensure proper room temperature or combine with an anti-tear blanket.

– A double neckline provides extra strength but is less comfortable

– Absorbs little to no moisture

The anti-tear shirt covers a client or detainee’s entire upper body and upper arms. The neck opening is firmly finished with a double neckline, so it cannot be torn. The shirt is made of a fire-retardant polyester, and this effect is permanent and is not lost over time. You will not find a label inside the anti-tear shirt, as it could be pulled out. It is advisable to combine the shirt with anti-tear Bermuda shorts.

Yes, permanently in the fibre (M1)

Warp: 2500 N
Weft: 1600 N

Warp: 90N
Weft: 90N

Tear resistant gown in one size

The anti-tear shirts have a length of 125 cm and are made in one size. This makes them suitable for those with a Small size and also for those with an Extra Large size. This eliminates the need to choose between different sizes in a crisis situation.

Double neckline for extra strength

All anti-tear shirts in this line have a reinforced round neckline. As this is fully quilted, you get a strong anti-tear shirt.

Available in two colours

Choose a colour that suits your organisation.

Blue: Blue is a commonly chosen colour for anti-tear. It radiates calm.

Green: Create extra calm for the client by using these tear materials in a green colour. According to researchers, stress is reduced by working with the colour green, and the green represents relaxation and freshness.


  • Article number:

    Blue: 3007000000
    Green: 300700GR00

  • Material:

    100% polyester

  • Size:

    One Size – Lengte: 125 cm

  • Washing instructions:

    – 60 graden
    – low-temperature drying
    – iron at low temperature
    – do not bleach
    – do not dry clean

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