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Tear Resistant Pillow

The tear resistant pillow is used for patients or residents that demonstrate complex behaviour. 
It is also an ideal tool for seclusion rooms when dealing with individuals who display aggressive behaviour and to prevent potential suicides.


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More details about the pillow:

Pros and cons

  • The fabric is inherently fire retardant.
  • The pillow is stitched with strong nylon thread.
  • Available in green and blue.
  • The pillowcase cannot be removed.
  • Needs some time to dry after washing.

This tear-resistant pillow is made of a sturdy fabric that is inherently fire retardant. This fire retardant component is found in the yarn, which means that the safety feature is permanent ensuring long-term safety in your facility. The fire retardant feature won’t fade due to frequent washing.

The pillow has a synthetic filling. The pillowcase around the pillow is completely closed due to the stitching. Strong yarns are used for the stitching to ensure safety.


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