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Tricot Extreme Line

Tear Resistant Gown

This tear-resistant gown is the perfect combination of safety and comfort. It’s used for patients or inmates that are on suicide watch.

Important info about the gown:

Pros and cons:


Fire retardancy:

Tensile strength:

Tear strength:

Puncture resistance:

– The comfortable and soft fabric promotes de-escalations

– Extremely high tear resistance

– The fabric is hydrophilic.

– The fabric is inherently fire retardant

– Finished with crossbox-stitching for extra security

The tear-resistant gown is made with Tetcon’s Tricot Extreme fabric. This fabric is soft, which suppresses aggression, and has an incredibly high tear resistance. That means that this gown ensures a perfect combination of safety and comfort. The gown is available in a one-size version, which is 125 cm long. Due to this length, the tear-resistant gown can be used for a large group of patients and inmates.

The Tricot Extreme fabric passed a fire retardancy test according to DIN EN ISO 12952-1 Section 5. The feature is incorporated into the fiber so that it won’t fade during washing.

This type of gown is also known as an anti-suicide gown or smock.

Yes, tested according to DIN EN ISO 12952-1:2010.

Width: 1300N
Length: 2200N

Width: 178N

After 5 washes: 202N


Without a double neckline facing

It’s pretty common to place a double neckline facing inside anti-suicide gowns. However, that can be uncomfortable for the wearer. This kind of neckline facing is usually needed because of the low tear strength of the fabrics used. Heavy stitching methods are needed to make suicide-prevention clothing safe to use.

Thanks to the extremely high tear resistance of the Tricot Extreme fabric, there’s no need for a double neckline facing. You will provide much greater comfort for the individual patient or inmate needing to wear the gown.

Tear resistant gowns in white

The gowns are also available in white color. This way you can always choose a colour that suits the needs of your organisation.

Visibility of blood

Camera surveillance in seclusion rooms is sometimes needed for patients who are on suicide watch.

On the white gowns, it will be much easier to detect blood on the cameras.

Who’s using this tear-resistant gown?

The Tricot Extreme gown is designed for people who demonstrate complex behaviors, whether it’s tearing, biting, or trying to harm themselves. Furthermore, it’s also being used by organizations that want to promote the de-escalation of situations and are willing to provide more comfort to the individual patient or inmate.

That’s why all kinds of facilities are using the gown:

  • Psychiatric facilities
  • Politiecellen – Police cells
  • Seclusion rooms
  • Detention facilities
  • Behavioral healthcare


The fabric is hydrophilic, meaning that sweat and other body fluids are absorbed.

Fire retardant

The fabric passed a fire retardancy test according to DIN EN ISO 12952-1 Section 5.

Designed in The Netherlands

The tear-resistant gown from the Tricot Extreme Line is designed in The Netherlands.

Soft but extremely strong materials


A tear resistant blanket can create extra comfort in times of stress.


Combine with the RoccoShield seclusion mattress

Anti-suicide gowns

These anti-suicide gowns are used in all kinds of facilities:

Behavioural health centres

Psychiatric facilities

Detention & prisons

Seclusion rooms


You won't be the first one using these gowns:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s a suicide prevention smock?

    An anti-tear gown is used with clients who are suicidal or display complex behaviors. These include tearing or biting behavior. The gowns are made with special tear-resistant fabrics, making it difficult for the client to tear them apart or tear rags that can be used as a hanging mechanism.

  • Are shorts also available?

    Yes, there are also tear-resistant shorts available. In addition to shorts, you can contact us for tear-resistant blankets, pillows, t-shirts, mattresses, and much more.

  • Is this a unisex model?

    The tear-resistant gowns can be used for all genders.

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