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Patient Restraint

VIC Transfer System

This restraint system strikes an ideal balance between restraining and providing sufficient freedom of movement. It is a restraint device to facilitate the transfer of persons with complex behaviour.

It is also designed to prevent injuries or harm from e.g. metal handcuffs.


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Important details about the VIC system:

Pros and cons:



  • A friendly way of transferring compared to the wrapping method with the anti-tear blanket.
  • The soft components prevent patient irritation.
  • Developed in cooperation with psychiatry experts.
  • Requires training to learn how to apply this system.

The VIC Transfer System is a restraint system for transporting patients or individuals who exhibit complex behaviour. It consists of several strap systems and handcuffs that allow you to fixate the patient in a more humane way. When a patient faces a meltdown, in some cases you will need a transfer device that facilitates the transport of the patient. The VIC Transfer System offers a gentler alternative of fixation compared to other fixation methods.

Het VIC Transfer Systeem bestaat uit vier verschillende onderdelen:

  • VIC Polsfixatie
  • VIC Borstfixatie
  • VIC Kniefixatie
  • VIC Enkelfixatie

Four parts

The VIC Transfer system consists of three different straps that you apply around the ankles, knees and torso. The wrists are fixed by an innovative wrist fixation that fastens around the hip.

Innovative wrist restraint

Because the wrists are fixed with a soft fabric, you prevent injuries compared to metal handcuffs. The height of the waist strap also gives you some freedom of movement.

Combine with a rescue sheet

Once fixation in the VIC System is complete, you can use a rescue sheet to lift the person off the ground and transfer them to the desired space. Tetcon can help you with a large range of flexible rescue litters.


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