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Sliding Fitted Sheet


Simplify turning and repositioning of patients in Intensive, Bariatric & Medium Care.
The UltraSlider is also used to prevent pressure sores.

Important info about the sliding sheets:

Pros and cons:

Medical device

Sliding capacity:

  • It reduces physical stress for carers.
  • The UltraSlider sits permanently around the mattress similar like a fitted sheet. This means it’s always available for immediate use.
  • The UltraSlider is available in two sizes: for pressure relief mattress sizes and regular care mattress sizes.
  • The top layer is water-repellent, which means you can disinfect quickly.
  • The UltraSlider is a great sliding tool if you work with patients that have no mobility (e.g. when they are in a coma).
  • Carers use a regular cotton sheet to turn the patient on the mattress.
  • The silicon layers wears out faster if you wash at 60 degrees Celsius.

The product is classified in Class 1 according to Regulation MDR 2017/745/EU. Applied standards: NEN-EN-ISO 13485:2016 EN NEN-EN-ISO 14971:2019 EN

Top layer
The top layer is finished with a finely woven polyamide which provides extra smoothness. This technology will make your work a lot easier. And that is not just a marketing slogan, on the contrary, it is true.

The fabric is finished with a silicone coating that provides a non-slip layer that is essential for optimal gliding. Thanks to this non-slip layer, you get less friction and ensure optimal use of the top layer to turn or move a patient.


Reduce physical strain

Repositioning and turning patients on the bed can increase the risk of neck, shoulder and back injuries for nurses. Especially with patients that are completely dependent on the support of nurses to turn or reposition in the bed.

The UltraSlider can help you to simplify this process without killing your back.

Ease the job of turning patients in bed

When you start using the UltraSlider method, you need fewer hands to turn or reposition the patient AND you reduce the chance for physical injuries.

That’s a win-win situation.

Reduce the chance for pressure sores

The risk for pressure ulcers is higher in intensive care units than in any other healthcare setting.

Regular turning and repositioning can help prevent this. Without a sliding sheet that fully covers the mattress, the physical strain is much higher.


  • Article number:

    95×220 cm / 37.4″ x 86.61″ (Article number: 60952200BR)
    92×212 cm / 36.2″ x 83.5″ (Article number: 6009221216)

  • Material:

    100% polyamid & silicon

  • Sizes:

    95×220 cm / 37.4″ x 86.61″ (Article number: 60952200BR)
    92×212 cm / 36.2″ x 83.5″ (Article number: 6009221216)


  • Wasintructies:

    The top layer can be easily cleaned with a wipe and a regular disinfect.

    Washing machine
    Washing temperature max. 60 degrees (Celsius), dry on low temperature, no chemical cleaning, do not iron, no use of chlorine

    *To maximize the lifespan of the product, we recommend to wash at 40 Celsius


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