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Important details about the blanket:

Pros and cons:


Fire retardant:

  • You minimize the chance that patients fall out of bed.
  • It’s a great substitute for restraint belts.
  • Is made with a fire retardant Kanecaron®
  • The fabric is also absorbing moisture.
  • Kanecaron is soft.
  • Sits completely around and underneath the mattress.
  • The zippers are covered underneath the mattress.
  • The restraint sheet is only available with short sleeves.
  • You probably need multiple restraint sheets per patient due to washing.

Some patients display complex or aggressive behaviour. This can lead to situations where his or her physical safety is compromised. In such situations, coercive measures may sometimes be necessary. For this, you want to find the right balance between protection and freedom of movement. With these blankets, you can prevent patients from falling out of bed and possibly being unconsciously exposed to the cold when the blankets are being removed. It also prevents the patient from reaching incontinence products and thus fecal smearing. We all know this can cause anxiety and property damage. Let alone that it is unsafe for the patient. The blankets can be used to prevent this. It also prevents the patient from getting out of bed unassisted.

Yes, Kanecaron is inherenlty fire retardant.

Sufficient freedom of movement

The blankets offer enough flexibility, so that you don’t have to completely restrict the freedom of movement.

Restraint Sheet with zipper

The zipper can be found at the foot end and sits almost at the bottom of the mattress. This prevents a patient from opening the blankets on its own.

Tucked away underneath the mattress

The nursing blanket is completely tucked away under the mattress and extends far enough to prevent it from coming loose when in use.

Fire Retardant

KANECARON® contains vinyl chloride which has exceptional flame retardant properties, making the material inherently flame retardant.
This also prevents that the features disappears after washing.


Once developed as an eco-alternative to fur, Kanecaron® has since found its way into many textile applications.
These range from fillings for duvets to safety restraint sheets.

Prevent fecal smearing

It happens with some patients: fecal smearing. Using these blankets, you prevent that patients get access to urinary incontinence products (e.g. diapers).

Important details


The Kanecaron® fabric is knitted in The Netherlands.

Designed for all kinds of healthcare organisations:

These restraint sheets are used in all kinds of healthcare facilities:

Austism care

Nursing departments

Psychiatric facilities

Behavioural health


  • Article number:


  • Material:

    45% Kanecaron sby/viscose – 25% PES, 30% PESfilling

  • Suitable for mattress sizes:

    Width: 80/90 cm
    Length: 200/210 cm

  • Guarantee:

    All Tetcon Restraint Sheets come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and production, which is valid from the date of purchase. Improper use, improper maintenance, vandalism, product modifications or accidents are not covered by the warranty.