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Evacuation sheet for bedridden people

S-CAPEPOD Standard

Provide a safe means of escape for bedridden patients or individuals who can’t do it on their own. Many facilities don’t have the equipment available to quickly rescue individuals when disaster strikes. This can lead to dangerous situations.

This evacuation sheet will help you.

Important info about this evacuation sheet

Pros and cons


Mattress sizes

Fire retardant


  • The evacuation sheet lies permanently underneath the mattress. This means that it’s always accessible in case of a disaster.
  • The patient is protected by their bed mattress and the head pillow during horizontal and vertical evacuation.
  • The body flaps ensure the patient is tightly ‘cocooned’ on the mattress.
  • The material is fire retardant AND anti-bacterial.
  • You can use the evacuation sheet in combination with a pressure relief mattress (decibutis)
  • Due to the body flaps, you can also transport small medical devices with you during the evacuation.
  • The instructions for use are printed on the body flaps.
  • The straps of the S-CAPEPOD are only at the head end.

These evacuation sheets allow the safe evacuation of bedridden individuals during an emergency situation. The unique design of the evacuation sheet ensures that the body flaps completely protect the patient. The rescue device is permanently positioned on the bedframe, ensuring the product is always ready for use when needed. Due to the simple design, the S-CAPEPOD is incredibly easy to use.

Width: 80 – 90 cm / 31″-38″ | Maximum length: 210 cm / 82″



Also designed for a staircase evacuation

When you need to evacuate down a flight of stairs, the S-CAPEPOD Standard Model is a great tool to use. The unique packing system gives the patient a safe feeling.



Fire retardant

Users in action


In a hospital in Seoul, South Korea


In a care facility in Utrecht, The Netherlands


In a hospital in Izmir, Turkey


In a hospital in Ghent, Belgium


In a hospital in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Who are the evacuation sheets designed for?

Evacuation sheets are designed to rescue bedridden people who are found in all kinds of care facilities:

Psychiatric facilities

Disability care

Senior living

Care units


  • Article number


  • Model name

    S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet – Standard Model

  • Safe working load

    120-150 kg depending on the body size.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    By hand:
    Use a wipe and a disinfectant

    In the washing machine:
    Washing temperature, 40 degrees (Celsius),
    dry at a low temperature, do not iron, do not dry clean,
    do not bleach, do not use washing powder with fabric softener.

  • Guarantee

    All S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheets come with a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and production, which is valid from the date of purchase. Improper use, improper maintenance, vandalism, product modifications or accidents are not covered by the warranty.

Always accessible.

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Position the S-CAPEPOD on the bedframe. This ensures it’s always ready for use, whether it’s day or night.

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It is being used by thousands of care facilities.

Use with pressure relief mattresses.

Use the S-CAPEPOD with a pressure relief mattress. In this video, you will learn how.

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