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First Call Mattress


The Bodypod helps you to simplify in-house removals when there's no stretcher access.
The slide solution helps to reduce lifting and physical stress for the person doing the removal.


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Important info about the Bodypod:

Pros and cons:


Max. load capacity:

  • Prevents unnecessary lifting when doing the removal
  • Manoeuvres easily through tight hallways and small corridors
  • A thick foam mattress protects the deceased.
  • Takes up very little space in the vehicle.
  • Comes standard in a carrying bag.
  • A part of the bottom side is equipped with Dyneema®, which is known as the world’s strongest fiber.
  • The inside of the Bodypod is easy to clean
  • There might be times when you will need to wash the Bodypod in the washing machine.
    For example, when the bottom side gets soiled (TIP: place the cover in a washing bag and close all hook and loop fasteners).

Narrow hallways and tight corridors can make body removals extremely difficult for you and your colleagues. This is why so many workers doing the first call have to deal with physical stress. With obesity on the rise, lifting becomes almost impossible in more and more situations. When there’s no stretcher access, you need to have an alternative that will simplify your job. The Bodypod can help in these situations. It’s a removal mattress where the body is completely concealed on the mattress. The body is protected by a 7-cm thick foam mattress.

200KG / 440 lbs

The Bodypod fits perfectly inside your vehicle

The removal mattress comes standard in a carrying bag that could lay flat on top of the stretcher. You can easily fold it when entering a family’s home.

A thick foam mattress protects the deceased

And that’s not all. This also helps to prevent damage to walls and stairs.

Product review on Youtube

Tracy and her colleagues are trying the Bodypod Mattress by Tetcon for the first time and giving the product an honest review.

Check out the video


  • Article number:


  • GTIN


  • Model Name:

    Bodypod Transfer Matras

  • Material:

    PU Polyester & Dyneema®

  • Size:

    210x60x7 cm

    82.6″ x 23.5″ x 2.8″

  • Weight:

    7 KG

    15.5 lbs

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    Use a wipe and disinfectant to clean the Bodypod

    Do not use high-pressure water!

    In the washing machine:
    1. Remove Bodypod cover from the foam mattress
    2. Place the Bodypod Cover in laundry bag or wash separately

    Washing instructions:
    40 degrees Celsius, no ironing, low drying temperature, no bleaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to clean?

    You can clean the product by hand. Use a wipe and a disinfectant.

    You can also put the Bodypod cover in the washing machine. Place the outer cover in a laundry bag or wash separately from other laundry. Wash it according to the following guidelines: 40 degrees (Celsius), do not iron, low drying temperature, do not bleach

  • What's the safe working load of the product?

    The safe working load of the Bodypod is 200 kg or 440 lbs. To remind you of this maximum carrying capacity, this is also printed on the product.

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