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Important info about the arm guards

Pros and cons


Blade Cut Resistance

Tear Resistance

Puncture Resistance

  • Includes a thumbhole for better protection and a great fit.
  • The back is made with elastic, which gives you lots of freedom of movement.
  • It’s a unisex model
  • It’s a great piece for protection during warmer months.
  • Doesn’t provide protection around the neck
  • Even though the skin won’t be damaged, there’s still a chance of a bruise (tip: create layers to reduce the chances of bruises or choose arm guards filled with padding)

The BitePRO® Arm Guards (Version 5) are manufactured using Cut-Tex® PRO. This ground-breaking bite-resistant material reduces the risk of human teeth penetrating the wearer’s skin. The arm guard also has a thumbhole which ensures a great fit. The elastic on the back ensures that you can easily move without affecting your work. The puncture resistance of the fabric is extremely high. These arm guards are extremely popular during the warmer months.

  • EN 388:2003 Level 5 (old standard)
  • EN 388:2016 Level E
  • ISO 13997:1999 Level 5 (the highest possible)
  • ANSI/ISEA 2016 Level A5
  • EN 388:2016 Level 4 (the highest possible)
  • EN 388:2016 Level 4 (the highest possible)

Arm Guards with thumbhole

The thumbhole ensures that the bite-resistant fabric safely covers your hands and wrists.

Trust the performance of a highly advanced fabric

To ensure you are protected in the best possible way, we use an advanced bite-, cut- and tear-resistant fabric. It is easy to wash and incredibly strong.

In other words, it is the ideal base for this application.

Thus, we do everything possible to ensure you return home to your family safely after a busy working day.

Cut-Tex® PRO

The Cut-Tex® PRO fabric is praised worldwide for its cut, puncture, and tear-resistant performance.

Produced in England

BitePRO® is produced in England

Strict guidelines

BitePRO® also scores highly on cut resistance.

The best protection


Prevents scratches from damaging your skin.


The arm guards ensure ultimate puncture resistance for human teeth.


The advanced fabric provides a high cut resistance as well.

Who’s using the arm guards?

BitePRO® Arm protectors are designed for people who come into contact with individuals who exhibit complex behaviour.
That is why BitePRO® is worn by professionals in the:

Behavioural healthcare

Psychiatric facilities

Detention & prisons

Autism care


  • Article number


  • Material:

    UHMWPE & other technical fibers

  • Sizes:

    S – XL (Unisex)

  • Cleaning

    – Wash at 40 degrees
    – Wash dark colours separately
    – Do not use fabric softeners
    – Do not place in tumble dryer
    – Reshape whilst damp

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