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for evacuation sheets

Evacuation stickers

Increase the visibility of your installed Evacuation Sheets by placing these stickers on doors or beds. As a result, it is always clear for emergency services which rooms or beds are equipped with Evacuation Sheets.


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Pros and cons

  • Bij een ontruiming weten hulpdiensten meteen in welke ruimte en onder welke matrassen evacuatiehulpmiddelen aanwezig zijn.
  • Doordat de stickers zichtbaar zijn, kan er snel gehandeld worden in kritieken situaties.
  • De sticker is niet fotoluminescent (glow in the dark).

Evacuation Sheet present under mattress

Attach this sticker to the bed board or to a patient’s room door. Emergency services can now see which room or ward is equipped with S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheets and which patient needs to be evacuated with this aid.


  • Article number

    Evacuation Sheet underneath the mattress: 5ENGSTICKER

  • Size

    Bed sticker: 9x5cm / 3.5” x 1.96”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you attach the stickers to a bed?

    Peel the sticker off by removing the paper on the backside. Now choose a spot on the bed and attach the sticker.

  • How to remove the sticker?

    The sticker doesn’t leave any glue residue and is easy to remove from doors, windows or beds.

Suitable for these evacuation Sheets: