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Evacuation Sheets

Evacuation Sheets are designed to ensure that bedridden people aren’t left behind in an emergency event. It all comes down to speed and simplicity.

The evacuation devices are permanently placed underneath the bed mattress.

By implementing this solution in your organization, bedridden people can be quickly and easily brought to a safe zone when disaster strikes.

S-CAPEPOD® Evacuation Sheets

S-CAPEPOD® is a range of evacuation sheets to leave no one behind in an emergency situation. It’s a simple-to-deploy evacuation device, stored below the bed mattress, which when required can be simply unfolded and fitted around the person laid on the bed mattress.

The unique design of using folding flap sections at each side and at the foot-end of the bed to create a sturdy bag in which to envelop the patient and mattress, and using heavy-duty hook & loop fixation system to hold it all together once deployed, gives a very fast, safe and effective system for the evacuation of a bed-bound patient. Hand-hold straps at the head and foot-end allow the mattress and occupant to be easily maneuvered along the floor and down stairs.

Made of an anti-bacterial polyester material, it glides easily during the evacuation, as well as being breathable when stored under the mattress and easily washable.

This evacuation sled is used by hospitals and care homes all around the world wherein an emergency situation where a high number of bedridden people may need to be evacuated directly from their beds, the system simply sits under the bed mattress and when needed can be deployed in seconds, keeping the patient secure and comfortable on the mattress on their way out.